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I am a Vancouver based senior product designer currently working at Ready. My 7 years of experience working in product design has allowed me to work on a broad range of projects spanning multiple roles. It has also helped me to discover my strengths, and the areas of design that interest me the most. 

I have a deep passion for all things creative, and a perpetual curiosity for exploring new mediums of creative expression. Currently my latest hobbies include, music, songwriting, pottery and houseplants. 




Creation has always been one of the most rewarding things I consistently have done throughout my life. The desire to create has always driven me to explore new mediums of expression, and new tools and skills to master.


Deviating from what's tried and true can be daunting, but great ideas often come from the strangest places. Embracing the discomfort of the unknown has helped me to expand the ways I approach the challenges I face in my work.


One of the early lessons I learned as a UX designer, is that there is no such thing as average. Every person is unique in their experiences and the lens through which they see the world. Good design should be thoughtful and inclusive. Diversity breeds innovation.

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