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Work Experience


Senior Product Designer - Mobile app, ID, Visual Design


Ready is a Order & Pay at the table solution for restaurants, stadiums, hotels, and various other entertainment venues. The product is app-free, sign-up free and can be easily configured for branded client experiences. My core role at Ready was to create great user experiences and detail oriented UI designs for our suite of products. My other roles also included graphic design, marketing support, sales support, and industrial design of our physical product. 


Intermediate Product Designer - Mobile & Web Design, Branding

SEPT 2017 - MAR 2018

Crostutor is a Vancouver based startup, aiming to help connect students with professional tutors. My role as product designer at this start-up involve all design related aspects of the project, but mainly focuses on designing user experience to best meet the needs of potential students and tutors. My role also further involve creating a distinctive brand identity for the company, as well as producing various digital and print assets for branding and marketing.

One-step Solutions

Contracted Freelance - Web Design & Branding

OCT 2017 - MAR 2018

My primary role with One-step solutions involved an entire re-branding for the company, as well as the creation of a new website for marketing to prospective clients. My role also further involved designing a number of print and social media marketing assets such as print/digital brochures.

Meal Butler Club

Product Designer - iOS & Android UX Design

APR 2016 - AUG 2017

Meal Butler Club is a Vancouver based peer to peer food delivery platform. My role at MBC involved all design related aspects of the project, but primarily was focused on the development of the mobile platform for food deliveries. Along with the app I also helped to develop a visual identity for the company including everything from the logo, to the content used for marketing. I also helped to manage social media for the company helping with strategy and ideas for growth.


UX Designer - UX Design & Mentoring

DEC 2015 - MAR 2016

A contracted freelance position with a UBC development agency, working with a team of iOS, Android and Web developers. My role involved multiple projects related to UX and wireframing, helping to bring clients ideas to life. During my time there I also helped to mentor some of the students from the development team on the UX process.

Discover Media

UX Designer - Internship

APR 2015 - NOV 2016

I began my first internship shortly just before graduation, working with a launch academy startup called Discover Media House. The company aimed to create an online digital platform for ad buying. I worked closely with the CEO to help translate his thoughts and ideas into digital wireframes for the developers.


Emily Carr University

Bachelours of Design - Interaction Design Program

2012 - 2015

A four year bachelor program at Emily Carr University helped to give me an excellent foundation to begin my career in user experience design. The first two years of the program covered fundamentals of design, from research, and conceptualizing to design methodology and development.  The final two years involved a specialized program dedicated to exploring User Experience and Interaction Design.

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Vancouver UX Award

UX Awards


Ready was the winner of the 2019 Vancouver User Experience awards, under the UX for products category. An achievement from the cumulative efforts of the entire team, and a proud moment for Ready.


Hackathon - UX Designer


A non-profit hackathon event in Vancouver for social good. A team of 3 developers and I created a project called Stillgood. The project aimed to support a network of sharing and distribution for second-hand goods. Our teams project made it to the final round of judging finished as one of the top 3 teams.

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